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Jess has been living in Crediton or the surrounding villages for most of her life, and has a love for all things babies! After giving birth to her first child, she became an active member of the local children's centre and volunteered as a Breastfeeding Peer Support for over three years.

Jess suffered with severe postnatal depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder following the birth of her second child, once she recovered, she campaigned for better treatment and support for other struggling mothers. In 2017, Jess and her friend Lucy set up Mum2Mum Support Group, a social group for struggling mum's to get together and support each other. 


She worked for a short while at the local high school as a SEN Teaching Assistant before taking over Moo Music Crediton in 2018, after attending sessions with her second child and falling in love with the catchy songs, dancing and musical fun! 

As the children's centre began to reduce it's timetable and classes, she saw a need for pregnancy support in the area so started training in Antenatal Education and Pregnancy Yoga with FEDANT Accredited company LushTums. From there she added qualifications in Baby Massage with Cheshire Beauty Academy and Postnatal Yoga and Mum&Baby Yoga with Yogamama Training.

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic stopped classes for a while, she has now been able to branch out further and Crediton Baby Hub will be opening in July 2020, where all of Jess' classes will be accessible in one place, and lots of exciting new projects will be added as time goes on!

She is currently training with Developing Doulas to become a Birth and Postnatal Doula, furthering her knowledge and widening the support she is able to provide even further.

Jess and all the lovely families already a part of the Crediton Baby Hub community can't wait to welcome you into our tribe; it takes a village to raise a child, let us be your village.

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