covid-19 policies + Procedures

  • Try to come along at least ten minutes before your session.

  • Face Masks are to be worn throughout the building, these can be taken off when seated.

  • When entering the premises, please remove your shoes and place in the provided cubbies along with any personal belongings.

  • Use the provided hand sanitiser before entering and after departing the studio.

  • Avoid lingering in the hallways and try to distance yourself from others.

  • Please sit in your designated area, which will be at least 2 metres from any other family, where you will be provided with your own mat and prop bag.

  • On leaving the studio, leave your prop bag and mat in the studio, where they will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before their next use.

  • Please leave the premises promptly after your session to give time for a thorough cleaning before the next session.

  • You are welcome to wear a face mask or covering, however this is not compulsory. 

Please contact if you have any further queries or would like further clarification on how we are providing a safe environment for you and your child.

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