Antenatal Education Course

Our Antenatal Education Course has been created by LushTums Founder Clare Maddalena and is FEDANT accredited.

LushTums is the UK's leading expert in pregnancy and postnatal yoga and antenatal education. 

FEDANT is the UK's awarding body for antenatal education, midwifery and doula care in the UK. 

This course is designed to bring you the perfect mix of yoga principles and practices that will help support and guide you during birth, such as breathing, movements, positions, mindfulness and relaxation techniques combined with the scientific processes of birth and the latest midwifery protocols and guidelines. 

Essentially, we cover EVERYTHING you need to know to prefer for birth, including;

  • The stages of labour

  • What is a contraction?

  • How do I know labour has started?

  • The role hormones play

  • Using breath, yoga and mindfulness as key techniques for labour and birth

  • An explanation of medical interventions and why they might be necessary

  • Pain relief: natural and medical options and their pros and cons

  • Making decisions - the importance of informed consent

  • Essential birth partner tips

  • Breastfeeding tips and tricks

  • Life with your newborn, or the 'fourth trimester'

After this course, you will have clear and comprehensive understanding of what your body is doing, both in labour and during birth and how you can develop some practices that can really help you during the process; creating a positive birthing experience for both you ad your baby.

It is also a fantastic way to make new friends with babies due at similar times.

Our courses are run as a 4 week intensive, on Monday evenings 7PM-9PM on a bi-monthly basis, 

Please message Jess with any questions, or you can book here.